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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Singapore: How Legal Protection Can Help You

Gain a better understanding of how legal protection can provide a lifeline to victims of domestic violence. This thorough exploration of protection orders, expedited divorce processes, and support services provided by family violence specialist centres will highlight the critical role that legal assistance plays in helping survivors break free from abusive situations. Discover how expert guidance and advocacy can empower individuals to overcome adversity and pursue a future free from violence and fear.

A Couple Looking Stressed and Unhappy

How to Divorce in Singapore

Singapore’s divorce process is governed by a well-structured legal framework. From filing documents in court and serving them on your spouse, to navigating child custody and matters related to the division of matrimonial assets, there are numerous complex steps to go through to dissolve the marriage and achieve a favourable outcome for yourself. Learn more about Singapore’s divorce procedure here.

Image of a person drafting a will

Things You Need to do After Divorce: Estate & Will Planning

Divorce is a life-changing event that affects not only your personal life, but also various related financial and legal matters. As you transition from married to singlehood, one of the most important affairs to take care of following the conclusion of your divorce proceedings is estate and will planning. We’ll go over the steps you need to take after a divorce to ensure that your estate and will reflect your new circumstances.

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