Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Singapore: How Legal Protection Can Help You

Domestic violence is a distressing reality that affects countless individuals and families in Singapore. According to the 2019 review by the National Council of Social Service in Singapore, only an estimated 3% of Singapore’s population reported experiencing some form of domestic violence, but it can range from 3% to 20% based on self-reported data. Domestic violence includes a range of abusive behaviours, from physical violence to emotional manipulation, that have been carried out by one household member against another. 

The impact of domestic violence is truly heartbreaking, as those subjected to it face a relentless cycle of fear and control. From initial threats, the situation can quickly spiral into even more severe forms of abuse, leaving victims feeling trapped. The trauma inflicted by such abuse seeps into every aspect of their lives, leading them to constantly tiptoe around their abuser’s triggers in a desperate bid to avoid further harm. Tragically, in the most extreme cases, this cycle of violence can result in devastating injury or even the loss of life, which is a reality that no one should have to endure.

In this blog, we will go through the crucial role that legal protection plays in supporting domestic violence victims while empowering them to break free from abuse, reclaim their independence and rebuild their future.

Types of Legal Protection for Domestic Abuse Victims

1. Protection Orders

In cases of domestic violence, obtaining a protection order is often the first crucial step. These orders are granted by the Singapore courts and act as a lifeline for victims. They prevent the abuser from contacting or approaching the victim, providing them with a sense of security during a challenging time. If you urgently require this protection, it’s important to reach out to a compassionate and knowledgeable family lawyer. These legal professionals understand the urgency and complexities involved in such situations and can guide victims through the process swiftly and with empathy, ensuring that they receive the protection they desperately need.

2. Expedited Divorce

Domestic violence victims who are trapped in abusive marriages may feel that they are unable to get a divorce. Some reasons include being misled by their abusers or not knowing how the process works. In Singapore, the legal system recognises the urgency of such situations and allows expedited divorce proceedings in those cases. This streamlined process enables victims to legally dissolve their marriage without unnecessary delays, giving them the freedom to move forward with their lives unshackled by their past. An experienced family lawyer would be able to guide you through the entire expedited divorce process, should you require one, while making sure you are protected and receive a fair deal out of it.

3. Counselling

Recovering from the trauma of domestic violence can be a challenging process that requires more than just legal assistance. It often involves compassionate emotional support to encourage healing as well. Seeking professional counselling services is often the best way to move forward. Even though your friends and family might offer you a listening ear and financial support to help you get back on your feet, professional counsellors are equipped with the knowledge to provide guidance and therapeutic interventions, helping you process your emotions and make progress towards healing.

4. Family Violence Specialist Centres

Beyond counselling, specialised centres in Singapore also provide indispensable support to those affected by domestic violence, including victims and their families. These centres offer a comprehensive array of services, spanning from legal counsel and crisis intervention to safe shelter provisions for those seeking refuge from abusive environments. Partnering with skilled professionals at these centres will help you find comfort in a network of support crafted to acknowledge and address individual struggles, guiding you along the path of healing and empowerment.

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There is always light at the end of the tunnel for victims of domestic abuse. Legal protection in Singapore serves as a barrier against any further harm and provides a safe way for them to recover and regain independence. It’s advisable to seek the advice of specialised family lawyers who will assist you in navigating the complexities of the legal system with confidence, uphold your rights, and ensure that your voice is heard.

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