What is a Contested Divorce?

What is a Contested Divorce-Divorce Lawyer Singapore

 A contested divorce refers to a situation where spouses are unable to reach an agreement on key issues surrounding their divorce, such as the reason for divorce, child custody, division of assets, spousal maintenance, and more. Disagreements on any one issue will lead to a contested divorce, which is usually much more complicated and expensive compared to uncontested ones. A divorce will also be contested if either one spouse wishes to stay married.


FAQ about Contested Divorce in Singapore

⁃ Observe more – Are there any changes in their schedule or unusual tell-tale signs?


⁃ Tell-tale signs include increased usage of handphone, secretive about handphone and surgically attached to it, late nights, increased interest in personal appearance (new wardrobe, new scent, new haircut)


⁃ Hire a trustworthy PI if the tell-tale signs are there.


⁃ Go to see an experienced family specialist or contested divorce lawyer.

A PI will need a recent picture of the subject, an idea of the person’s schedule and routine, car number plate, particulars and other relevant information that can assist them in their job.

⁃ What are my rights?

⁃ What should I do?

⁃ What kind of documents do I need?

⁃ What should I be mindful of?

⁃ What are my options if I do not want a divorce?

⁃ What about finances and the children’s arrangements?

⁃ Always prepare a list of assets (i.e. all your savings and investments and property details), your latest payslips and documents/details relating to your spouse’s finances to your best knowledge.

⁃ Prepare a list of questions you may have so that you have your concerns met and answered.

Lastly, understand that divorce is a painful and potentially long process. It is important to find a lawyer that you are comfortable with, understands your case and is able to address your concerns.

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