Here’s why she is a reputable family lawyer in Singapore

Divorce is not just a process, so many emotions and memories are involved. Things that can impair your own judgment. In my case, I needed an honest third party view and help making my options clear to me. Kim and her team were excellent. From the 1st meeting I felt understood, supported and well advised. I couldn't have asked for a better team in terms of knowledge, skill and patience. 5 stars! Highly recommend! They really stand by what they claim. Always by your side.

Ms D

Dear Ms Tan, Thank you so much for your support and help. I am grateful for your help in this matter. I don't think I could have done it without you, for all your support, advice and reminders. Thank you so much.

Love, Lele

Liang Zhi and his team are very prompt in their response and the whole process was hassle-free and efficient. He was also accommodating and answers my questions even after my divorce case was completed. Would strongly recommend Liang Zhi for his expertise.

Ms. Mae

To Kim, Natalie, Sabreena and team, Celebrating my IJ date with you! Thank you for getting us this far. May we all stay lucky and blessed. Hugs

Del <3

Dear Julian, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for yours and Ms Tan's help on my case. Though it has been short but you had my best interest at heart and am pleased that the case came to a resolution that is best for me and my kids. Thank you for patiently listening to my case and answering all my questions, spending time to analyze and coming up with practical solutions that directed me towards the right direction. Your consultation is clear and concise, which the clarity helped me understand how to protect myself and my kids better going forward. I was starting to lose faith and confidence handling the case on my own before I engaged you and Ms Tan, but your professionalism made me confident again and I trusted that I was in your good hands. Though I did not proceed with the enforcement of maintenance with the firm, you have gone above and beyond by providing me guidance on how to handle this on my own, and also anaysing with me the possible outcomes and solutions, which has shown to me that you always have your client's needs as a priority. So thank you again and I wish you both all the best in your careers.

Best regards,

"I would recommend Siew Kim and Liang Zhi for their exceptional skills and dedication as family law lawyers. Having handled my case, I have had the opportunity to witness firsthand the remarkable expertise and professionalism in handling family law matters. As a team, Siew Kim and Liang Zhi, possess a rare combination of legal acumen, empathy, and unwavering commitment to achieving the best outcomes. They effortlessly navigate me through daunting family law matters, including divorce proceedings, child custody, and asset division. In addition to their exceptional legal skills, the team was also compassionate and client-centred. They took the time to truly understand my unique needs and concerns, offering guidance and support every step of the way. Their professionalism, integrity, and unwavering advocacy made them a trusted ally when I was faced with challenging family law situations. For their exemplary professionalism, legal expertise, and genuine commitment, I highly recommend Siew Kim and Liang Zhi for all family law matters."

Best regards,

"I have engaged Liang Zhi and team for help regarding my Annulment. The services rendered by him was very professional. On our first meeting he was able to address all my concerns and made it comfortable for me to engage him almost immediately. Through the process he was able to provide sound advice and was always timely with his replies. He was able to make the entire process seamless for me and I felt at ease knowing that he is working on the case."

Best Regards,
Jun Xiang

"Siew Kim provided me with timely, concise, clear and practical advice at a time when I needed clarity of thought and calm nerves. Enjoyed our frank yet pleasant discussions and sincerely appreciated her periodic follow- up and concern for my mental well being throughout."

K Menon
2 December 2023

"Siew Kim is very experienced and professional in her work. When I first met her in her office, I couldn’t stop myself from crying my eyes out. She was very patient and listened to my failed marriage story. She was so experienced that after hearing my first few sentences, she concluded that my ex-husband has another woman outside. I was still in denial that he will not do that to me. Straight away she entered a mobile number on my hp and asked me to engage this experienced PI to follow up on my case in order for me to “wake up” and stop deceiving myself further. To cut the story short, the verdict is out and she has guessed correctly. Only very experienced lawyer can seen through this whole plot from my ex-husband. Although she is very busy and super tight with her schedule, she never failed to make a point to see me and give me advices, guiding me step by step on how to approach my ex-husband and talk terms with him. She is a god sent to me to help me go through such a difficult period; holding my hands and walking through this distressing stage. I’m grateful to her and her team for expediting my case and checking on me now and then. I will not forget her kindness and will continue to keep in touch with her even after my divorce case is over. In a good way, as a dear friend. Thank you, Siew Kim. May your new office flourish endlessly. "

Jane Lim
19 November 2022

"I want to express my sincere appreciation to Ms Tan Siew Kim for the exceptional legal representation during my lengthy three-year divorce case. Her professionalism and dedication were evident throughout the entire process. Ms Tan handled the complexities of my case with multiple rounds of mediation, extensive discovery and appeals, with unwavering patience and expertise. Her advice was consistently sound, providing me with confidence and reassurance during a difficult period. Beyond her legal expertise, Ms Tan also provided valuable emotional support, which was instrumental in helping me navigate the emotional challenges of the case. Her relentless efforts in fighting for my interests in the division of matrimonial assets resulted in a favourable outcome that I would not have achieved without her representation. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms Tan to anyone in need of a dedicated and skilled lawyer."

LK Ong
1 November 2023

"Tan Siew Kim was recommended by a mutual friend. I am happy that it turned out to be one the best decision I ever made in my life. In all our meetings, Siew Kim always had a listening ear. She would seek first to understand your issue and backgrounds of events before proposing next step. As Siew Kim and myself come from different backgound and experience, it is normal of me to hold different viewpoints. She would patiently explain the rationale behind each differing viewpoints. I got more confidence every times after speaking with her. During the trial prrocess, she fought relentlessly, argued wisely and staged intelligently. She was very composed, confident and steadfast during the whole trial process. We won the court case and I am grateful to her and her team. Siew Kim is patient and very professional. Strong recommendation from me if you are going through divorce process with your spouse."

Tony Tan
31 October 2022

"This review is a bit overdue for Ms Tan. I engaged her in December 2021 to help me with my PPO and divorce as my ex husband is a very difficult and temperamental person. Ms Tan is very experienced and patient. She will listen attentively to your plight and provides sound advises on what steps to take next. Ms Tan is always contactable even though it’s very late at night she will still respond to your calls or messages. She also prepares me well for my mediation sessions with food and backup plans within my acceptable limits, should our proposed plans fail. As such, everything is within our control and expectations. To add on, Ms Tan has a very strong and responsible team who supports and responds effectively and efficiently to the other party’s demands. Even after my case ended, Ms Tan still keeps in contact with me and provides advice for any help I require. I’m not sure about other lawyers but for Ms Tan she doesn’t mind being kept in the loop each time I converse with my ex husband (who is very good at spinning stories) through emails. I’m very grateful to ms Tan and highly recommend her for any family law matters."

Ng Hui Qi
4 October 2022

"I was searching for a lawyer and came across Ms Tan Siew Kim. I read her past cases that she did and I was facing a crisis on my case and need someone to bring me out of this long legal battle. After meeting her in person and Mr Kenneth, I was rest assured that they are ones who will be able to get me out of my long legal battle. They provided me good guidance and support thru my problematic case. And the most important is that the support rendered was not only during office hours but also after and on weekends with quick response from them. They are very warm, friendly and respectful to your needs of the case with priority and time given in person with detailed explanation of what’s to be expected. Good law firm with good and dedicated team of lawyers headed by well experienced lawyer like Ms Tan."

Aanand KR
14 April 2022

"I spoke to around 7 lawyers before choosing Kim to handle my divorce. The decision proved to be the right one. She handled my now ex-husband with skill and confidence. To be honest, I was a complete wreck because my ex-husband is difficult and manipulative. I was stricken with grief, anxiety and worries. After I met Kim, my life turned around. She helped me to achieve my hopes and addressed my fears. Her sincerity, kindness and earnestness made her an exceptionally gifted lawyer. A genuine soul with a generous heart! I am truly blessed as she always has my best interests at heart. I am grateful to Kim for her efforts and definitely recommend her."

22 July 2021

"I am grateful to have Kim to handle my divorce. She is confident and advised according to the case, with no standard reply. Met a few lawyers and no one gave me the confidence to proceed. My case is not complicated but they made it complicated. Friends were surprised it was settled so fast. My child is more settled down. She was highly recommended and I do highly recommend her! Thank you Kim for making the process quick and less painful."

19 June 2021

"She is absolutely the best family lawyer I ever encountered. I got a PPO to defend. My ex motive was to apply for variation order for my child who is under my care and control. I did some research and went around to compare different law firm/family lawyers. I shortlisted a few law firm, made appointment and went ahead. Some schedule are so busy that they do not have time to meet up, some have to make appointment and only get to speak to their assistant who will then convey message to the family lawyer. What I really wanted was a passionate family lawyer who can fight for what we deserve and painful SOP just to speak to a family lawyer about the problems we are facing. I am deeply grateful that I found Kim."

Mr Ong
2 May 2021

"My previous law firm was recommended by a friend, they were merely doing their paperwork and getting things done and I sensed things wasn’t going right so during the most crucial moment I went in search for a new lawyer. I am so very grateful that I found Kim. During our first phone call, We connected immediately and I knew She was the one. We are alike in many ways and strangely I started to enjoy my every session with her. Kim is very experience and highly intelligent. She spent time to discuss my case and gave me good advice, and prepared me well during each stage of the divorce process."

24 January 2021

"I engaged Kim as my defending family lawyer for my divorce and I must say that I am still awed by her efficiency and her determination on protecting her client’s interest. She went all the way to protect me and pursued for the best outcome for me.. I am truly grateful that I’ve gotten her as my family lawyer and I’d definitely recommend her!"

23 December 2020

"I got to know Kim through my friend. My first impression of her was that she is professional, sincere and empathetic. I felt comfortable sharing details with her. She guided me through the whole divorce process with her invaluable legal advice. She always ensured that I am well prepared at each stage of the divorce process. Going through a divorce is challenging, but the emotional support Kim provided made it much more manageable. I always felt assured after every single meeting with her. She was more like a friend and confidante, rather than just a lawyer. I highly recommend Kim to anyone in need of advice in the area of family law. Kim, thank you so much for making yourself available for me whenever I needed help or assurance."

Ms L
17 December 2020

"A friend recommended Kim to me when I was looking for legal advice on divorce. Kim strikes me as a very experienced and caring lawyer who is sincere and empathizes with my situation. She provided me with emotional support and assurance during an extremely difficult time in addition to invaluable legal advice. She guided me through the divorce process, and is always prepared before our meetings, making it easy and efficient for each of our discussion. Kim tries her best to make the process as simple as possible and makes herself available most times of her day whenever I needed her advice. I highly recommend Kim to anyone who needs a lawyer to settle your case fast, gives you peace of mind and fights for what you deserve."

15 December 2020

"I found Ms Tan to be a very caring and highly competent family lawyer. Not only did she help me navigate through each stage of the divorce, including securing reasonable access to my son, she actually went the extra mile to provide emotional support when my ex-spouse made all kinds of fallacious and unsubstantiated allegations. I am very grateful to Ms Tan, for without her resolute support and professional guidance, I could have buckled and traded away more concessions than necessary to my ex-spouse who deliberately dangled access right to my son as a bargaining chip instead of seeing this as in the best interest of the child. I have no hesitation in recommending Ms Tan to anyone in need of family law advice. A very grateful client."

15 July 2020

"Kim is a very experienced, competent and caring lawyer who walked me through the whole divorce process efficiently and effectively. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that I feel secure and content with the process and outcome. I am deeply grateful."

13 October 2017

"I was referred to Kim Tan by my best friend when I was looking for legal advice on divorce. During our first meeting, she listened with empathy and provided clear legal advice. I told her that I just wanted out of the marriage in the simplest way. She assured me that she would do her best to act fast and to do the right thing for me and my children. Kim guided me through the relevant documentation and proceedings. She answered my calls and text messages at any time even at night. She kept me posted at every stage of my contested divorce process. She stood by me knowing I was frightened of filing the divorce. She went the extra mile to draft my response to my ex’s emails and text messages. My divorce proceedings went on smoothly."

12 May 2016

"I first met Tan Siew Kim from Kalco Law earlier this year in March 2015. Six months later today, my divorce has been finalised and this would not have been possible without the hard work of Ms Tan. As a lady, Ms Tan was in a better position to understand my concerns and needs. I thus felt that she was able to relate better to me as a client, which is why I decided to specifically engage her services after speaking to a few lawyers. Throughout this very difficult process and the most challenging period of my life, Ms Tan has been a pillar of support who has been reliable, efficient and understanding. I am very grateful for her help and most definitely recommend her to my friends and family for her professional services in the future."

Mdm Wee Lian Ngoh
1 October 2015

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