How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Singapore

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Singapore?

When the relationship between two parties breaks down and a marriage comes to an end, the implications that follow don’t just involve emotional hurt. There are many other issues such as various costs that each party should be prepared to fork out should you decide to file for divorce. In this article, we will delve into the expenses that can arise in a typical divorce case in Singapore to give you an overview of how much divorce costs in Singapore, as well as help you navigate the financial considerations associated with this significant life transition.


Filing for Divorce in Singapore

In order to file for divorce in Singapore, couples must meet these criteria:

  • Been married for at least three years
  • One spouse must be domiciled in Singapore or have resided here for at least three years
  • Parties must prove that the marriage has broken down irretrievably


Proving the Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage

There are six facts you can rely on to prove an irretrievable breakdown of marriage in Singapore

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable Behaviour
  • Desertion
  • Separation (3 years with consent)
  • Separation (4 years without consent)
  • Mutual Agreement


1. Legal Consultation and Representation

One of the most obvious costs associated with a divorce case in Singapore is the legal consultation fees. With such a complex procedure to go through, seeking legal advice from a knowledgeable and experienced divorce lawyer is essential if you want to protect your rights and easily navigate the entire divorce process. 

Consultation fees vary depending on several factors, including the lawyer’s experience and the amount of time and effort required to handle the matter. Generally, the price can start from around $200 to $500 per hour, with some senior and renowned lawyers charging higher rates. 

The good news is that there are law firms, such as Family Law Specialists, that offer free consultations with their divorce lawyers. Although most free consultations are only applicable to initial sessions, this can help you to save a significant amount of money. 


2. Court Fees and Miscellaneous Expenses

Apart from legal consultation fees, there are additional costs, such as court fees and other miscellaneous expenses, that can be incurred. 

Court fees are mandatory charges imposed by Singapore’s judicial system for filing divorce documents and initiating legal proceedings. The specific court fees depend on the type of application and the stage of the divorce. For example, filing a Writ for Divorce can cost approximately $320, while subsequent applications like ancillary matters may have additional fees of $100 to $500

Miscellaneous expenses can include document certification, notary fees, photocopying charges, and other administrative costs.

It’s important to note that these fees will vary depending on individual circumstances and the complexity of the case, and are subject to change. Do seek guidance from a divorce lawyer to obtain accurate and up-to-date information. 


3. Divorce Route

Divorce cases can go down two different routes in Singapore: contested or uncontested. The legal consultation fees and court fees that you incur depend on which route you go through. 

Divorce Route-divorce lawyer

Contested divorce is more complex as it involves disagreements that cannot be resolved amicably and require the court to step in. On the other hand, uncontested divorce are case whereby both parties have agreed on all matters related to the divorce and can proceed to the last stage of the proceedings without issue. 

Naturally, contested divorces cost more as there are more steps to take, more documents to file, and more consultations to go through. So, in order to save costs, it is recommended that divorcing parties agree on all matters before filing for divorce. 


4. Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution

If your divorce goes down the contested route, the court will most likely order both you and your spouse to go through mediation or alternative dispute resolution programs to reach mutually acceptable agreements outside of court. This will incur mediation fees. Costs for mediation also vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the issues involved, the duration of each session, and the mediator’s qualifications and experience. 

In Singapore, the Ministry of Social and Family Development provides subsidized mediation services for divorcing couples through their Family Justice Courts (FJC) or accredited mediators. Rates can range from $150 to $400 per session. 

Although these are additional fees, it’s worth noting that engaging in mediation can potentially save costs when compared to a lengthy court battle. 


5. Division of Matrimonial Assets

Matrimonial assets are all assets, such as properties, investments, savings, and even CPF contributions, acquired during the marriage, regardless of whether they are held individually or jointly.

When filing for divorce, it is essential for divorcing parties to carefully consider how these assets will be split. Failing to do so can result in potential costs and complications.

A divorce lawyer can assist in evaluating the assets, assessing their value, and advocating for a fair division based on the unique circumstances of the case. It is important to protect your financial interests by seeking legal assistance. 


6. Spousal and/or Child Maintenance

Spousal maintenance refers to the financial support provided by one spouse to the other after divorce, especially when there is a significant disparity in earning capacity or financial resources between both parties. Child maintenance, on the other hand, involves financial support provided by the non-custodial parent to ensure the well-being of the child. 

The paying party and the amount of monetary support to be given is based on various factors including the financial ability of both parties, the direct and indirect contributions made to the family, the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage, who is given care and control of the child, and more. 

These are long-term costs that must be paid even years after the divorce has concluded and should be taken into account as it can impact one’s ability to meet other financial commitments in the long run. 

Divorce Separation-divorce lawyers in Singapore

If you have been wondering about how much does a divorce cost in Singapore, we hope that the information in this article has been helpful in giving you a better understanding. By anticipating these costs, you can navigate the divorce process with greater clarity and minimize unexpected financial burdens. 

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Minimising Divorce Costs

  1. Opt for mediation to reach mutually agreeable solutions and reduce court-related expenses.
  2. Seek legal advice early to understand your rights and obligations.
  3. Leverage online resources for legal research and document preparation. 
  4. Prioritise mediation or collaborative law approaches when it comes to child custody arrangements.
  5. Stay proactive by regularly reviewing your legal strategy with your lawyer.
  6. Deal with legal paperwork in an organised manner.

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