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A family law specialist in Singapore with 30 years of experience is a highly skilled legal professional who specializes in family law matters. With a deep understanding of Singapore’s legal system, they provide tailored solutions and strategic advice. Their track record of successful case outcomes, including favorable settlements and effective court representation, demonstrates their expertise. Additionally, their established professional network within the legal community are valuable resources. Overall, a family law specialist with 30 years of experience brings extensive knowledge and a proven ability to handle family law cases, ensuring the best possible outcomes for clients.

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We are family law specialists with proven notable family law cases!

Client’s Husband Appeal For Reduced Maintenance Dismissed SGHC 92
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Kim Tan's client was the wife, who had been awarded maintenance of $300 for herself and $1,000 to each of the two children. The husband appealed against the order on the grounds that the District Judge had over- estimated his income, the findings of the monthly expenses of the respondent was wrong and lastly, the respondent was given a higher standard of living than she had before the breakdown of marriage. The appeal was dismissed.
Client Success In Obtaining Care & Control Of His Kids SGDC 93
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Kim Tan assisted her client, who was the father, in obtaining interim access to the child. The mother had made unilateral arrangements for the child without giving reasonable notice to the father, impeding the father’s access period. The Court held that the father was successful on his application for overnight access and the mother was ordered to attend a parenting workshop that she had to bear the costs for. Subsequently, Kim successfully obtained care and control for the father.
Client’s Husband Appealed To Revise Court Order Terms SGHC 26
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Kim Tan's client was the wife, whose husband had appealed to vary an order of the court, regarding the division of matrimonial assets and the payment of lump sum maintenance of $20,000. The High Court held that as the order of court for the division of the matrimonial property in the present case is not a continuing order, the question of a variation does not arise. As for the lump sum payment, the appellant was in no position to assert that the lump sum payment should be varied as he blatantly refused to make the payment. The High Court dismissed the husband’s appeals with costs.
Client Awarded Higher Sum Of Maintenance SGDC 248
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Kim Tan represented the wife in a case that dealt with the principles governing the determination of the quantum of maintenance for a former wife. The wife was initially awarded a much lower sum of maintenance - monthly maintenance of $1,895 for four months and $895 for the next 31 months. She appealed against the decision of the District Court and the appeal was allowed. The Petitioner was ordered to pay the respondent maintenance at $3,500 per month for three years and thereafter at $2,500 per month. This was upheld by the Court of Appeal.
A Divorce Tied To A Prenuptial Agreement Made Abroad SGHC 106
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This was the first case in Singapore recognising the validity of a prenuptial agreement made abroad. Kim Tan's client was a Dutch husband, who had made a pre-nuptial agreement with his Swedish wife in the Netherlands. They moved to Singapore where he found employment.The Court held that Singapore Courts should accord “significant weight” to the terms of a prenuptial agreement between foreign nationals that is governed by and valid according to the foreign law, unless its terms violate the public policy of Singapore.
Court Ruled In Favour Of Client In The End Of His Marriage SGHCF 5
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Kim represented the Respondent (the husband) in both the District Court and Family Division of the High Court. The Appellant argued that she signed the Draft Consent Order under duress and claimed that the Respondent and her did not live separate and apart for three years, and finally, that the Respondent had agreed to withdraw the divorce proceedings and gave her the impression that they had been withdrawn. The Court stated that an Interim Judgment may be set aside before the Final Judgment is made, but once the Final Judgment is made, the marriage is at a permanent end. It cannot be reinstated although it may be renewed. Based on all the compelling evidence produced by the Respondent, the High Court declined to grant the Appellant the orders sought and dismissed the appeal with costs granted in favour of the Respondent.
The Splitting Of Matrimonial Assets
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Kim Tan represented the husband in the division of matrimonial property where both spouses were gainfully employed and were married for over 20 years with two children; The husband received 60% of the matrimonial assets.
Divorce and Separation

File for contested or uncontested divorce, judicial separation, draft deed of separation, and more.

Ancillary Matters

Spousal maintenance, child custody, care and control, and access arrangements, and matrimonial assets.

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Draft prenuptial and or post-nuptial agreements to safeguard personal interests.

Wills and Last Testament

Draft out your estate plan and final wishes as to how your estate is to be distributed.

Power of Attorney

Give authorisation to another to represent or act on your behalf in private or business affairs.

Deed Poll

We prepare a legal document to assist you with changing your name legally.

Civil Litigation

Legal representation and dispute resolution in non-criminal matters.

Criminal Litigation

Legal representation and advocacy in court proceedings for alleged criminal offences.

What Sets Family Law Specialists Apart:
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Great Service

The service is known for being friendly and accommodating. You can expect a warm and welcoming environment throughout your consultation.

WhatsApp Chat

The main lawyer, who handles 85% of the work, is readily accessible via WhatsApp. This means you can reach out for questions, updates, or concerns at your convenience, and they will respond promptly.

Personalized Meetings

Family Law Specialist goes the extra mile to make your experience comfortable. They offer the option to meet in a more relaxed and personal setting, fostering a stronger rapport with clients.

Prompt Legal Assistance

In case of unexpected events or urgent matters, a support lawyer is readily available to provide assistance, ensuring that your legal needs are always addressed, no matter the situation.

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